Really good food. Ingredients with provenance. Sourced from local suppliers.

Elliot Bibby is the proprietor of Walton’s Bar & Grill, Kendal – a young and gifted chef who has cut his teeth at establishments across the UK, from high-end fine dining to classic English pubs, pop-up street food and even working as a brewer.

Walton’s is classic British food with a hefty nod or two to the food that has excited us on our travels around the world.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Walton’s Bar & Grill in Kendal. Bring your family, bring your friends. But most of all, bring your appetite.



40 oz Tomahawk Steak

Recommended for two or three people to share, these beautiful big cuts of meat are carved at your table. Each comes with a choice of three sides and two sauces.


Three Breed Burger

Prime beef, pork and lamb combine to create truly delicious, succulent and unique burger.


8 oz Vegan 'Steak'

A genuine vegan ‘steak’ comprising of mushrooms, beetroot, chickpeas marinated in spices. Tasting is believing!



Cumbrian Chicken Skewers

Succulent chicken marinated in a yoghurt and spiced tomato dressing, chargrilled for a satisfying smoky edge.