Whether looking for the perfect accompaniment to your meal, or meeting friends for a few, our bar has you covered.

The cocktails have been developed as the perfect pairing for food. Our mixologist has created a range of seasonal drinks to complement the flavours in our dishes, alongside modern classics with a Walton’s twist. Visit us for our full drinks list, including wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, non and low alcohol, tea and coffee selections.


Flying Fish

Refreshingly long balance of sweet and sour, with notes of cucumber and coriander. Great with our ceviche, as well as an aperitif to start with.


Gabi Margarita

Our bartenders choice – refreshing pear and apple flavours, paired with elderflower aromas and warmed by Gabi’s special spice.


Pumpkin Spice

No explanation needed!


Walton’s Autumn

Warming autumn flavours, interesting mix of earthy beetroot and sweet black raspberry, finished with a hint of thyme. Great companion for red meat, as well as sipping on its own.


Brunch Martini

Full-bodied fruity classic cocktail made with our homemade spiced marmalade served with redcurrant caviar.


Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Old fashioned style cocktail with extraordinary twist.




It’s hard not to like this creamy, slightly sweet minty after-dinner treat.


Old Cuban

A luxurious, minty daiquiri topped with a splash of Prosecco.



Juicy apple cocktail with hints of Earl Grey tea.



Elegant bourbon-based cocktail with a touch of sweet vermouth.



Classic mix of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari.


New York Sour

A classic bourbon-based cocktail, whisky sour made a little more interesting by the addition of red wine float.


Port Old-Fashioned

Warming bourbon old-fashioned cocktail accompanied by tawny port.